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What is new innovations and solutions in educational programming for art museums?  This blog started out highlighting the tele-present robot program at the Hastings Contemporary in UK.  

Now close to the end of the year, I have gathered more information about the Art Gallery of Hamilton and the Art Gallery of Windsor.   When I conducted background research for a current project for a Symposium,  I spoke to Laurie Kilgour-Walsh at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.   Laurie provided information about AGH’s programming as well as the published research from the pilot study.  This work indicated engagement with older adults is improved when the educational programming involves the caregiver as well an educational docent or staff person.  This program included educational talks, reminiscing and hands-on art making.

Laurie mentioned that the AGH project was influenced by work that MOMA did with the Alzheimer Society.  Sophie Hinch from the Art Gallery of Windsor  will be speaking about the AGW’s upcoming project with the local Alzheimer society at the Symposium on December 10, 2020.



Post Author: Victoria Stasiuk