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Going Beyond the Land Acknowledgement Statement

Finding out more about Indigenous Peoples by investigating the language, culture and land agreements of your area with this mapping resource.

Going Beyond Traditional Land Acknowledgement Statements


Insight 2

Building Virtual Tours for New Audiences and Communities

Create online educational templates as well as presenter notes

Virtual Tours for new Audiences and Communities


Insight 3

Volunteer Engagement

Cultural organizations are further developing their volunteer programs to increase youth and Older Adult participation. Fresh talent can help you deliver programming to enhance social inclusion, outreach, and community impact.

Volunteer Engagement

Volunteer Development & Digital Transformation Workshops & Action Plan Roadmaps

Insight 4

Museum Digital Strategy

Watch Victoria Stasiuk participate in an International online panel to explore digital strategies used by museums to increase revenue and digital outreach.

Museum Digital Strategy

Somewhat early on in the Covid-19 Pandemic, I was asked to participate in a panel hosted by the American Art Museum Curators Association as a Digital Strategy consultant based in Canada.

Insight 5

Leadership and Strategy

Key Takeaways from the Leadership and Strategy Track of Museum Computer Network Virtual 2021

Leadership and Strategy


Insight 6

GLAM Worker Resources in Canada and Beyond

Over the past couple of years, I've discovered that many in the United States and Europe recognize a sector called GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museum) sector. From November 2022-March 2023, free online webinars are available through funding provided by the Wikimedia Foundation.

GLAM Workers in Canada & Beyond

I've created this resource to provide online webinars, resources links to colleagues who want to explore ways to work together as we continue to grow the sector
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