We’ve decided to give Cheryl Ann Hills an Artist Shoutoug based on her ability to demonstrate inspiring landscapes through an abstract lens. After I met Cheryl Ann at an arts festival in Paisley, Ontario, I wanted to highlight her work within my network of colleagues and project partners.

Her artwork creates an experience of awe and tranquillity for the viewer, visitor or collector.

The artist’s website indicates:

The intention of her work is to express the feeling of the moment as she experiences nature. Many of her works feature the joyful light of morning. For
her, dawn brings the promise of a new day, new adventures, and joy. 
Her artistic approach focuses on strong minimalist composition that emphasizes bold
colour and flowing organic forms with ethereal lighting. Her influences include
Michelangelo, Ken Danby, Alex Coville, Emily Carr and Lawren Harris.

https://www.cherylannhillsartist.com/about-cheryl-ann-artist, accessed on May 1, 2024

Cheryl-Ann Hills is contemporary visual artist born in Kitchener Ontario, currently living & working in Hamilton Ontario. She was recently elected to the membership of The
Ontario Society of Artists, and the Colour and Form Society.  She is also a member of the Burlington Fine Arts Society.

Cheryl participates in art festivals, exhibitions and shows across Ontario. She enjoys the travel and meeting new art lovers in all corners of the province. 
Her love for plein air work combines her two passions: nature observation and painting. Cheryl received an Artist Merit of Distinction award during the 2019
McMichael Plein Air Competition. In addition to managing her fine art and graphic design businesses, she also organizes weekly outings and occasional special events for her Hamilton Ontario Plein Air Artists group.

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