Revenue Development

Explore New Options To
Expand Your Value

Revenue Development Services

We help you to link your value to community trends, so you can identify and pursue innovative funding opportunities.

Charting Funding Opportunities

We’ll explore and map many different funding sources and help you prioritize the ones that are most likely to succeed for your organization:

  • federal or provincial funding programs
  • private sector, community, family, or technology foundations
  • strategic partners

Business Model Realignment

We’ll work with you to examine where you can raise more revenue within your organization through:

  • charging more for high demand services
  • identifying new programs that align with your human resource strengths
  • eliminating non-essential programming

Social Enterprise Strategy

We’ll help you explore, evaluate and target the best social enterprise options for your organization including:

  • product donations you can resell
  • community gardens
  • artisan / craft sales
  • volunteer driven community services

Revenue Development Client Work

NoKee Kwe OSDI

Working with Indigenous leaders, we identified funding opportunities to add programs and diversify revenues. Grant applications were successful to receive funding from the London Life Foundation and the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Rural Ontario Institute

We conducted Board and staff interviews for the Rural Ontario Institute to help recommend several models of reporting structures with the hiring of a new Executive Director.

Rural Ontario Institute

We examined key patterns and trends in the social enterprise sector to determine the best options for adding services that could provide new streams of revenue.

Revenue Development Insights

Charting Funding Opportunities

Charting Funding Opportunities

Work with us to explore and map your funding options so you can prioritize the ones that are most likely to succeed for your organization.

Embarking on a Social Enterprise Strategy

Embarking on a Social Enterprise Strategy

Over the last ten years, many organizations have increasingly turned their gaze to examine social enterprise as an additional revenue stream to their conventional tools of membership, fundraising and grant writing.

Loyalty Loop for Culture

Loyalty Loop for Culture

Loyalty Loop for Culture – A smooth loyalty loop involves deliberate decision-making while a sticky journey can be a quick spin.