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We Understand The Importance Of Roots & Wings

We all come from somewhere.

It helps us to tell our story about what is important and why the nuances of our narrative matters to our friends, families and communities – and perhaps more importantly, a global audience that is not as familiar with the beauty and richness of our traditions and future potential.

In our current age, there are many opportunities to tell our stories on different platforms, in different ways.

If you are a gallery, library, archive or museum, you can think of many different stories in your community – from the past, present or yet to be.

At Victoria Stasiuk and Associates, we endeavour to help you soar in your industry and sector, by providing the best tools and strategies in our service areas of: Strategic Planning, Revenue Development, and Digital Transformation.

Be Not Bound By Geography. With our guidance we provide you with the case studies, templates and examples of best practices to enable you to tell your story, connect with audiences, consumers, visitors and communities to increase your revenue and financial stability.


Strategic Planning

We work closely with organizations to develop comprehensive strategic plans that align with your mission and goals, ensuring a roadmap for success that is both ambitious and achievable.

Revenue Development

We help you to link your value to community trends, so you can identify and pursue innovative funding opportunities.

Digital Transformation

We work with you to build technology roadmaps to implement cutting-edge technologies and digital practices to enhance accessibility, engagement, and the overall visitor experience.



Digital Content Development

Digital Content Development

Cultural workers, as creative people want to tell their stories in innovative and exciting ways. Using today’s tools we can help you achieve your goals.

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