Strategic Planning

Create A Vision & Plan –
From Now Until 2030

Strategic Planning Services

We work closely with organizations to develop comprehensive strategic plans that align with your mission and goals, ensuring a roadmap for success that is both ambitious and achievable.

Environmental Scan

We’ll start with an environmental scan by collecting and reviewing quantitative research into:

  • trends in your industry
  • audience demographics
  • economic and tourism plans
  • current programming
  • industry best practices

From this research, we’ll generate a key findings report for the next stage of our work with you.

Stakeholder Engagement

Based on the key finding report, we’ll move onto qualitative research with key stakeholders – conducting online and in-person interviews and focus groups with:

  • management and staff
  • volunteers
  • the board
  • funders
  • community

From this research, we’ll generate a  summary report so your leadership team has the crucial information you need for the final phase.

Build Strategic Plan

Work jointly with management team to identify top themes within:

  • customer engagement & experience
  • financial goals & growth
  • internal process improvements
  • human resources

From these meetings and workshops, we’ll generate your strategic plan.

Strategic Planning Client Work

Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre

We helped staff and volunteers work together on a volunteer management strategy that included a short-term action plan with longer term considerations.  This approach involved four pillars for museum excellence that all staff and volunteers could work collectively to improve the visitor experience as well as increase revenue and attendance.

Bronte Business Action Plan

While on staff with the Town of Oakville, Victoria worked with an external consultant, municipal staff, business leaders and a volunteer board to create a collective vision and five year action plan. The four pillars of the mainstreet approach, provided a framework to work together collectively on organizational governance, marketing & events, design as well as economic development.  

London Arts Council

While Vice President of the London Arts Council, Victoria worked with municipal staff, cultural organizations and individual artists to participate and then eventually shape an allocations and adjudication function for the London Arts Council.  This fund started at $125,000 in 2001 and has grown to $777,500 in 2023.

Strategic Planning Insights