Discovering your unique value

In our first phase with our clients, we work with you to fully understand your organizational culture so we can help you enhance your products, programming and financial success.

Competitive Analysis and Best Practices

Another key component of our strategic planning process is to ensure the best product or programming options for your audiences and communities.

We will examine best practices for marketing, promotion, programming and revenue development to increase your confidence that you are doing all you can do.

Perhaps you can learn from your peers to offer services in new more accessible ways to increase your revenues.

Onsite Workshop

We’ve discovered that an important component in strategic planning is providing an on-site workshop with key stakeholders in your organization.

In our previous work, we’ve presented discussion documents or strategic direction briefs based on environmental scans of best practices and demographics in this on-site workshop.

Through our work with senior leadership, staff and volunteers, we use this workshop to discover how everyone can work together to improve your visitor experience.

In some cultural organizations where volunteers are involved in program delivery and direct contact with visitors and audiences, including them in the discovery and workshop is important. We’ve found increased organizational health and human resources strength when everyone is clear on key innovations in the industry and how each organization can offer audiences and visitors enriched experiences.

Creating the Final Draft Strategic Plan

Once we have completed the above three components, we will prepare a summary document for senior leadership, indicating our insights for key directions for the next five years of your strategic plan.

We can also link this strategic plan to key actions and performance goals for financial success, stakeholder relations and audience development.

We can also link your final strategic plan to specific marketing and promotional targets to reach through your online channels.

Previously, Victoria Stasiuk co-authored a report for the Province of Ontario, Ministry of Culture, Ontario Municipal Cultural Planning Inventory Project. A summary of these findings is available here.