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Volunteer Development & Digital Transformation
Workshops & Action Plan Roadmaps


Community Leaders are identifying their goals and action plans for Covid recovery.

We will meet with your leadership team to identify gaps in programming and services, linked to your mandate as the first step.

After this, we match your needs to available grant funding programs to develop a 2-3 year road map for expanding, audiences, revenue, and outreach programs.

This package is available as 2-month, 3-month, or 6-month packages depending on the size of your organizational needs.

Volulnteer Development Action Plan and Digital Transformation


Technology disruptions and advances, and rising gas, and food prices have impacted our budgets and attention spans.

Competition is fierce for leisure time and money experiences.

One of the first steps in our process, we review recent demographic, economic, and technology changes to analyze whether your programming or services should be adjusted to changing audience/supporter behaviour.

We will look at some competitive benchmarks as well as best practice case studies to help inform your future decision making on priorities and action plans.

woman showing sticky notes and plan for digital transformation

Non-Profit Management

We can work with your organization on strategies to improve your sustainability and operational plans.

Based on your existing strategic plan and funding levels, we will work with you to determine the best way to use your existing human resources (Board leadership, staff, and volunteers), building/site, and technology assets.

After working with our clients on an environmental scan and priority-setting exercise, we design a two-hour workshop for key stakeholders and/or project teams.

After the workshop, we produce a final report for management outlining a shorter-term road map in addition to longer-term considerations to plan for.


For several years we’ve been working with arts and heritage organizations as well as creative businesses on social media campaigns, online and on-site workshops and knowledge transfer webinars to increase audiences and engagement.


  • Digital Transformation Workshops and Action Plan Roadmap
  • Volunteer Development Workshops & Action Plan
  • Digital Literacy Training for Volunteers
  • Business Process Analysis for Digital Transformation
  • Website Optimization and Content Development

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Sample of an Environmental Scan for a Volunteer Action Roadmap

Emvironmental Scan 2023 for Volunteer Action Roadmap

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