Is size of the museum the crucial element or is there another secret sauce in terms of talent, strategy, process or technology tools?

In the executive summary of this survey reportChris Barr, director for arts and technology innovation at Knight Foundation, provides an excellent chart to track whether your museum’s digital team untapped, emergent or fully realized.

While the report outlines that those museums with dedicated resources and larger budgets fare better on this continuum, I am curious to know if there are outliers where a museum is able to demonstrate their ‘secret sauce’ to stay connected with audiences and communities.

It was interesting to read this in the closing reflections of the report:

This study highlights not just gaps in innovation processes, but also in digital strategy, project management, developing and measuring goals, incorporating digital within the core work of the museum, and audience research. Growing the museum digital innovation field requires growing the number of people with these capabilities who can move up the ladder within organizations. Currently, this pipeline does not exist.