Loyalty Loop for Culture and Heritage

Loyalty Loop for culture by victoriatasiuk.ca

The Ontario Trillium Foundation has provided funding to Backus Page House Museum/Tyrconnell Heritage to implement online and virtual educational programming. Victoria Stasiuk and Associates has been hired to implement this project with staff and volunteers during the summer of 2022.

GLAM Leadership Tools

Museum leaders offer online collaboration tools for Governing Boards of museums. VS Associates suggests a visualization to help with strategic planning and implementation. Pratt offers options to create dashboards by participating in projects with their graduate students.

Digital Transformation – Oakville Arts Council

VS Associates has been selected as the company to lead a collaboration with Caju Multimedia and Haltech to develop a digital transformation plan for Oakville artists and arts organizations. This program is funded by Digital Mainstreet and Fed Dev Ontario.

Digital Readiness and Innovation in Museums

A chart for digital readiness in museums developed by the Knight Foundation

Chris Barr, director for arts and technology innovation at Knight Foundation, provides an excellent lens to track whether your museum’s digital team is untapped, emergent or fully realized. This survey was deployed in partnership with the American Alliance of Museums and captures anonymous data from 480 museums of all sizes across all 50 states. This data includes art museums (30%), historic institutions and sites (38%), science museums (11%) and others.

Art Museum Digital Strategy

Many of the panelists on the webinar hosted by the Association of Art Museum Curators spoke about striking a balance between mandates as public galleries and the financial pressures during the pandemic restrictions, remaining hopeful as well as responsive to the communities around us.