AI on a Social Mission November 2021

Interested in Climate Change as well as Gender Equality? Keep Reading… Click here to find out all the details about the November 2021 conference – program schedule, partner program and video links.

What should I do on Orange Shirt Day?

Orange Shirt Day Pin

Many Canadians are asking the question, What should I do on Orange Shirt Day? This post gives ideas of books to read, videos to watch as well as ways to contribute to Canada’s Indigenous peoples, visual artists, local businesses and charities.

GLAM Leadership Tools

Museum leaders offer online collaboration tools for Governing Boards of museums. VS Associates suggests a visualization to help with strategic planning and implementation. Pratt offers options to create dashboards by participating in projects with their graduate students.

Summer 2021 – Outdoor Cultural Experiences

Spirals, Loops and Circles Amanda McCavour June 30 – September 1, 2021 Harbourfront Centre Pond 235 Queens Quay West, South End Accessible 24/7 FREE

We’ve created two separate lists artists, art organizations or producers can suggest cultural experiences to see and do this summer. We will be changing the landing page for Victoria Stasiuk, Arts and Culture consulting throughout the summer of 2021 based on information gathered by Indu and Yaus, as well as your comments. 

Digital Transformation – Oakville Arts Council

VS Associates has been selected as the company to lead a collaboration with Caju Multimedia and Haltech to develop a digital transformation plan for Oakville artists and arts organizations. This program is funded by Digital Mainstreet and Fed Dev Ontario.