Social Impacts of Artificial Intelligence

The AI Impact Alliance Conference 2021 addressed critical issues in artificial intelligence (AI) and its social impact, highlighted applications of and focused on strategic solutions that are key to an inclusive economic recovery.

There was a partner program for industry, academia and other social mission-led organizations. Please contact [email protected] to discuss upcoming projects and ways to get involved with AIIA.

Key aspects featured in the program included:

  • The transformative value of gender equality in AI and its beneficial impact for economic recovery
  • Natural resource management in the age of Big Data (legal frameworks for partnerships, sharing, international agreements, local applications, data valuation, etc.)
  • Smart oceans and sustainable resource development: meet the founder of Whale Seeker!
  • Emerging scientific methods to eliminate bias in machine learning
  • Start-ups and Algorithmic Art projects AI to Counter bias…in AI: the founder of Armilla AI and makers of PearAI.Art!

There was a breakout session focusing on business models for AI with social impact, funding and partnership options, different types of AI, and where the data resides. AI Experts Featured:

  • Daniel Harris, experienced Data Scientist AI research and project manager
  • Sarah Sparks, Alo Solution’s CEO – Responding to Black and Indigenous child protection challenges using AI
  • Michael Rokos, AI Business Strategist
  • Deepti Joshi, a Natural Language Processing (AI) expert

Valentine Goddard hosted and moderated this conference.

Valentine Goddard‘s activities at the intersection of Art and AI have been highlighted previously on this blog.

The Art+AI Platformis a collective of artists, social and artificial intelligence (AI) scientists run by AI Impact Alliance

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