Victoria Stasiuk, Arts and Culture consulting
Loyalty Loop for culture by

Loyalty Loop for Culture and Heritage

Using multiple channels to increase attendance and revenue

Victoria Stasiuk will be furthering the discovery and implementation of the loyalty loop for culture in a summer 2022 project.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation has provided funding to Backus Page House Museum/Tyrconnell Heritage Society to implement online and virtual educational programming.

Victoria Stasiuk is working with a project team to implement this online educational project with staff and volunteers during the summer of 2022.

Screenshot of Tik Tok post

Implementation strategies will keep the loyalty loop for culture centre stage by building on existing customers and adding new audiences.

A team of innovative summer staff have been active and creative in creating posts to support the museum’s goals. Here is a selection of posts on social media – Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook and Twitter:

The Project team will also explore how the museum’s popular podcast can integrate pre-visit and post-visit messages to have a continuous loyalty loop for Backus Page House Museum.

Life in the Talbot Settlement podcast