I was inspired to create this graphic after listening to many webinars from March 2020 to September 2020 that have been held in the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archive and Museum) sector. 

I am interested in putting more flesh on the bones of this diagram from speaking to more colleagues over the next six months.

A guide for cultural organizations to improve content online
A digital tool kit to hellp organizations continue their cultural programs online
The Gift Box - tools and ways of working to help museums make richer digital experiences for their visitors
a museum guide for AI content
In 2019 the Museums + AI network engaged with 50 senior museum professionals, and leading academics across the UK and US. During these workshops and events, we tested, challenged and refined models of practice, workshop formats, and development tools – this toolkit is one of the results of that work.

How Museums Can Generate Revenue Through Digital Content and Virtual Experiences by Brendan Ciecko, CEO & Founder, Cuseum, July 2020, American Alliances of Museums 

Image of virtual art camp from Bass Art Museum

Brendan mentions live video instruction in Miami at Virtual Art Camps held by the Bass Museum of Art.