Victoria Stasiuk, Arts and Culture consulting

Digital Transformation – Oakville Arts Council

Victoria Stasiuk, Arts and Cultural Consulting has been selected as part of the Project Team for a collaboration involving the Oakville Arts Council, Haltech and Caju Multimedia Inc.

Announced on May 20, this project will spark the discussion among key stakeholders for future proofing digital strategies to Oakville artists and arts organizations.

Increasingly, communities are looking to build resiliency from global health and environmental factors to help ensure community vitality and economic prosperity. Over the past year I have been working with clients and collaborators to further the concept of a loyalty loop for culture.

This project will provide some strategies and examples as we head back into re-opening here in Canada.

On May 27th the Cultural Portal Advisory Committee gathered for an online workshop with the project team to discuss vision as well as functions and features for online presence. Many participants want to explore ways to grow the cultural ecosystem in Oakville through online strategies, and choosing the best social media and web strategies to attract Oakville audiences to local cultural activities.

Oakville’s cultural content creators and residents/consumers of culture are encouraged to respond to an online survey before noon on June 7th so we can plan for the future. I will also be scheduling one on one interviews between now and June 4th with Oakville’s content creators and culture consumers.