Emily turned her experience at Google Arts and Culture into an educational non-profit organization

This morning I was pleased to see Emily Kate getting some great exposure for her organization in the latest Jing Culture and Commerce newsletter.  Back in mid-January, Emily and I had a great chat about muse-tech and our love of historical images and art.   Emily and I had connected back in the fall of 2020 through the Museum Computer Network conference and we had finally found a time that worked for both of our schedules to talk about our visions for our careers and the muse-tech industry.
At that time, she was waiting to hear back from the Frick about the more public launch of Global Art Access (GAA).  GAA is an educational non-profit dedicated to the digitization of private collections for the purposes of scholarship and public accessibility. I was fascinated to hear her talk about her working experience for Google Arts and Culture and how this relates to the work I am planning to do with museums and art galleries in Canada.  I’ve written in an earlier blog about the reaction from museum professionals to working with this platform.
I was impressed to see someone take this type of knowledge and expertise to create a new non-profit organization.  I particularly liked this quote of Emily’s from this morning’s newsletter;

“I think museums are beginning to internalize the idea that simply making an artwork, exhibition or program available online is not enough.  We need to create platform-specific programming, meet people where they are online, and really speak the language of the platform.  So many digital strategies have been simply about making things available, which is great but it’s just the first step!  Repurposed digital content will not perform well in today’s world, so tuning our content to fit platforms is key.”

To learn more about Emily Kate and Global Art Access you can visit the website or follow her organization on LinkedIn.  
Lauren P. Wadsworth photographing a work in her family’s collection at The Homestead, Geneseo, NY, for Global Art Access. Image: Crista Wadsworth / The Frick Collection

Post Author: Victoria Stasiuk