Creating impactful online communities for Older Adults

Victoria preparing for moderating duties at Museum London symposium

Beyond Building Digital Bridges Symposium February 15-18, 2022

These FREE presentations shared experiences about online life enrichment and meaningful community engagement strategies for older adults.

Sponsored by Museum London and hosted by Creative Age London Funded by Employment and Social Development Canada, New Horizons for Seniors Canada

Who’s here and who’s not

First session of radical ripples

Victoria Stasiuk will be presenting in a panel at the University of Chester in January 2022. Free registration and background information is provided in this post. This free online webinar continues the work of the Phillip Barker Centre in rethinking artist training to improve how artists can have an impact on their communities.

Summer 2021 – Outdoor Cultural Experiences

Spirals, Loops and Circles Amanda McCavour June 30 – September 1, 2021 Harbourfront Centre Pond 235 Queens Quay West, South End Accessible 24/7 FREE

We’ve created two separate lists artists, art organizations or producers can suggest cultural experiences to see and do this summer. We will be changing the landing page for Victoria Stasiuk, Arts and Culture consulting throughout the summer of 2021 based on information gathered by Indu and Yaus, as well as your comments. 

Digital Literacy and Social Impact of Cultural Programming

graphic created for Building Digital Bridges Symposium

The panelists at the December 2020 symposium explored how visual art, heritage objects and music can trigger memories and creativity in older adults and improve community and family connections. Several museum workers were interested in providing 3D images of their collections for memory boxes.