Digital Literacy and Social Impact of Cultural Programming

graphic created for Building Digital Bridges Symposium

The panelists at the December 2020 symposium explored how visual art, heritage objects and music can trigger memories and creativity in older adults and improve community and family connections. Several museum workers were interested in providing 3D images of their collections for memory boxes.

Digital Readiness and Innovation in Museums

A chart for digital readiness in museums developed by the Knight Foundation

Chris Barr, director for arts and technology innovation at Knight Foundation, provides an excellent lens to track whether your museum’s digital team is untapped, emergent or fully realized. This survey was deployed in partnership with the American Alliance of Museums and captures anonymous data from 480 museums of all sizes across all 50 states. This data includes art museums (30%), historic institutions and sites (38%), science museums (11%) and others.

Art Museum Digital Strategy

Many of the panelists on the webinar hosted by the Association of Art Museum Curators spoke about striking a balance between mandates as public galleries and the financial pressures during the pandemic restrictions, remaining hopeful as well as responsive to the communities around us.