Creating impactful online communities for Older Adults

Victoria preparing for moderating duties at Museum London symposium

Beyond Building Digital Bridges Symposium February 15-18, 2022

These FREE presentations shared experiences about online life enrichment and meaningful community engagement strategies for older adults.

Sponsored by Museum London and hosted by Creative Age London Funded by Employment and Social Development Canada, New Horizons for Seniors Canada

Toronto Public Library – Linked Open Data

David Sprague, Digital Content Lead, Preservation & Digitization at TPL on March 3rd, he acknowledged that one of the reasons his organization is demonstrating leadership in this area is that the existing historical archives at the Toronto Reference Library are heavily settler-focused.

His department is active with Linked Open Data projects to ensure that diverse voices are reflected in Toronto’s historical record and evolving narrative.

Who’s here and who’s not

First session of radical ripples

Victoria Stasiuk will be presenting in a panel at the University of Chester in January 2022. Free registration and background information is provided in this post. This free online webinar continues the work of the Phillip Barker Centre in rethinking artist training to improve how artists can have an impact on their communities.

AI on a Social Mission November 2021

Interested in Climate Change as well as Gender Equality? Keep Reading… Click here to find out all the details about the November 2021 conference – program schedule, partner program and video links.

What should I do on Orange Shirt Day?

Orange Shirt Day Pin

Many Canadians are asking the question, What should I do on Orange Shirt Day? This post gives ideas of books to read, videos to watch as well as ways to contribute to Canada’s Indigenous peoples, visual artists, local businesses and charities.