I was pleased when I was asked to join this panel of colleagues working in art museums. Many of the panelists on the webinar hosted by the Association of Art Museum Curators spoke about striking a balance between mandates as public galleries and the financial pressures during the pandemic restrictions. We all felt it was important to acknowledge the fear and empathy surrounding us in beginning of the pandemic.
Dupé O. Ajayi, Intersectional Marketing Strategist of the Shed in NYNY spoke about what it felt like when her gallery was so close to the USNS Comfort ship moored to the pier. While Annie Fletcher, Director, The Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA), spoke about emergency plans to use her facility and grounds that would have changed the way the public perceived her space.  She was grateful that those plans did not happen, but hearing her talk about this, brought us all back to the fearful times of March and April 2020. Rounding out the panel, we were able to hear the fundraising perspective from Heather Sherwin, Director of Development at Chrysler Museum of Art.  Heather was able to talk about the up and downstream implications for revenue development of creating new digital content during the COVID=19 restrictions.
When Doug Hegley, the moderator was asked by one of the attendees to talk about his role as the Chief Digital Officer for the Minneapolis Institute of Art, he quickly changed hats to give us his perspective on the role. I spoke about an upcoming workshop proposal working with a non profit organizations team to update their digital tool kits, so they could improve their roles as content creators within their organization.

Post Author: Victoria Stasiuk