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With a practitioner’s lens, we help art galleries, museums and performing arts organizations. VS Associates guides cultural organizations by providing strategic advice on audience development (education programming, marketing and events) and revenue development (sponsorship, grant writing and advocacy).

Industry leaders are recommending that  cultural organizations adjust to a world where 50% of your value should be on site and 50% online.

We know that everyone wants to connect with the human experience in their own way.  VS Associates will guide you to the best technology to fulfill your mandate while increasing audiences and revenue. 

More recently, we have noticed how museums and art galleries have a role to play in society as public spaces on shared common ground.  Cultural organizations can show leadership to others by giving space to indigenous people so we can start to recognize and acknowledge how Canadian, American, UK and Australian institutions have a settler and colonial bias.

In particular, we can acknowledge our obligation to hear indigenous and diverse voices, while holding dignity and respect for the earth and her peoples. While some places may have a bias towards Eurocentric culture, we realize the necessity to give space and resources to new voices and an evolving narrative.

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