Victoria Stasiuk, Arts and Culture consulting

Art + AI Collective


Exploring Arts, Artificial Intelligence as well as Digital Democracy and Gaming

I am participating in a session right now that is exploring the connections between values and technology as well as art and Artificial intelligence, led by Valentine Goddard in Montreal.

There are some amazing academics, artists, curators in this session.

There a number of different analogue and digital games that allow people to explore human experience and algorithms.


The Art+AI Platform is a collective of artists, social and artificial intelligence (AI) scientists run by AI Impact Alliance. It includes an Art-Science Residency / Lab, as well as a web application at the junction of a virtual gallery and an interactive magazine. Publications and artistic creations are shared on the web application which is a space to share interdisciplinary perspectives on AI. It allies the expertise of research, creatives and civil society. The content is curated to discover AI and new technologies’ ethical and social implications through the Arts . Art+AI is a Digital Inclusion initiative inspiring a leap toward Sustainable Futures. To join our Art + AI Collective, please fill out this form.